I’m David Wippel. I live in Vienna (Austria), where I build software and companies.

For over 25 years, I've been knee-deep in the digital world, crafting software products, building complex business solutions, and even launching a software agency from scratch. But in 2023, I said farewell to the agency life and embarked on my own solo journey with Essential Code and Glasswise E-Label

I'm all about connecting technology and business, helping small business owners level up their game with the power of software. And let me tell you, I'm a die-hard fan of user experience (UX), always aiming to make software a breeze to use. That's what gets me fired up!

I believe technology is a force to empower people, boosting their skills day by day, step by step. By tapping into the potential of digital solutions, we can uncover new opportunities, smooth out processes, and reach our goals like never before.

Oh, and I co-host a podcast, too! Jakob and I gab about all things digitalization, digital transformation, and software development on our show, Digi-What.

And hey, if you're curious to learn more about my professional journey, just hop on over to my LinkedIn profile. There, you'll find all the nitty-gritty details about my past experiences and the valuable connections I've made along the way. Who knows, we might just have a few mutuals in common!
So go ahead and connect with me on LinkedIn - let's keep the conversation going and expand our networks together.

When I'm not busy helping businesses, you can catch me pumping iron or whipping up a storm in the kitchen for my family. Swing by Instagram to connect, and let's conquer the digital world together!