Hi. I'm David โ€” CEO at TRIGO. ๐Ÿ‘‹

As an entrepreneur and software developer, with over 20 years of experience โ€” I help businesses connect software systems and keep their engines running.

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David Wippel
CEO, TRIGOdev.com

Because one of the main IT issues companies face is juggling too many software systems โ€” without them ever talking to each other. Which leads to a frustrated team, inefficiency, and upset customers because wellโ€ฆ the data's incorrect.

I have been co-owner and managing director of TRIGO for over 10 years. While handling all the responsibilities the job as CEO has. I haven't lost touch with software development at all. It's where my heart is. Web Applications, Application Integration and UX are at the center of my interests.

I see technology as a vehicle to empower people to get better every day. One step at a time. Kaizen.

I co-host a podcast too. Jakob and I do weekly episodes about digitalization, digital transformation and software development. It's called Digi-What.

In my free time, I lift weights and cook for my family. Head over to Instagram if you want to connect.