52% of Remote Workers Would Consider Leaving Their Co-Located Company for a Remote Role. Here's What That Means for an Office First Company

Remote is happening — No matter what.

The pandemic lasted long enough for people to get used to the benefits of remote work. If remote work was suddenly no longer an option, 1 in 3 respondents would quit their job. 52% would consider leaving for a Remote Role.

In other words, co-located companies are in a difficult place.

Not Able to Attract Top Talent

Even before remote entered the mainstream, it was hard to attract top talent.

People wouldn't relocate before, why would they relocate now? You are left with what lives around your office. Definitely, there is top talent new your location, but you have to battle for it with all the other companies in the area.

Now? Event more competition, big times more. Due to remote companies offering better conditions.

Better be prepared because your company is about to run out of talent.

Remote Companies Will Buy From Remote Companies

Thesis: People are more likely to buy a product or service from companies who share the same values.

Which means, remote companies will be eager to collaborate with other remote companies due to shared beliefs. Working together on a larger project is easier when two companies have the same working environment.

Co-located companies can't even compete, their mindset is too different.

Difficulties to fill your sales pipeline? Might not be the case immediately, but give it some time, and you are in trouble.

My recommendation? Start your transitions to remote now. You will be forced to adopt it sooner or later anyway — or you are going out of business.