7 common pitfalls you should avoid when shifting to remote

Making the shift to remote is no easy task. It's better to know possible bumps along the road. Here are 7 common pitfalls you should avoid:

1. Do not assume that there are no resources available yet.

Businesses all over the world are working remote for years. e.g., GitLab's remote resources are the inspiration for this list.

2. Do not replicate the in-office/colocated experience, remotely.

Remote work is different from office work. By replicating the in-office experience, you're missing a lot of the benefits of remote work.

3. Do not transfer all in-person meetings to virtual.

For instance, moving all meetings to Zoom but not asking yourself if there is a better way is the direct route to “Zoom Fatigue”.

4. Do not assume that everyone has access to an optimal workspace.

Not everyone has the necessary space and equipment to work from home. If you own a company, support your employees to set up a proper work environment.

5. Do not assume that remote happens overnight.

Every major change takes time to settle in. Expect difficulties and don't give up too early.

6. Do not assume that remote management is drastically different.

It all boils down to trust, communication and shared goals. Leading people is no different in a remote setting. Over-communicate and be supportive.

7. Do not assume your existing values can remain static.

Some values might exist to support an office environment. Don't keep 'em just for the sake of keeping it. Embrace change because a remote company is very different from a colocated one.

Inspired by What not to do when implementing remote: don't replicate the in-office experience remotely