Remote Work Is Here To Stay — Let's Talk Numbers

I have written a lot about why remote work is here to stay, about the benefits and how to adopt an asynchronous work mode. While I speak of experience, nothing is better than facts and numbers to make your case.

The Trend Is Clear. Remote Is Working.

  • 91% of U.S. workers, who work remote now, want to keep working remote.
  • Half of people working on-site, but whose job could be done remotely, would like to work remote.
  • 52% of remote working employees prefer this work arrangement to avoid commute time. Better for wellbeing comes second (44%) and work/life balance third (37%).
  • 54% believe that the culture would be the same even when everyone works remote long-term.
  • Three out of 10 employees (31%) working remotely would consider a new job if their company abandons remote work.


One thing I like to add. The numbers are incredibly positive towards remote work. Nevertheless, we have to remember that a pandemic forced us into this new work model quickly. I am convinced that we would have ended up with a remote work model eventually. The pandemic functioned as a massive boost. I wish that we could have reached this point without a pandemic. Still, we should consider that remote work during a pandemic and remote without are two different things.

With all the hype and the numbers, let's keep in mind that it's always about people.