The Transition To Remote - Close the office

If you are serious about going remote, close your office. Wait, seriously? Yes, 100%. Scared?

At least I am. In a couple of months, our lease will end, and we aren't renewing it. We are so used to the idea that a business needs an office, even with all my remote experience, it's still strange when I think about closing it.

As an Austrian company, we are legally obligated to have a physical location and an address for our business. Therefore, I am exploring options to fulfill these requirements without spending a fortune every month for office space no one needs.

Rent a Desk at a Co-Working Space

Although we don't need a desk anymore, it could be handy to have an alternative to home office. Some co-working spaces offer postal services too, so I could skip my weekly trip to the office only to get the occasional snail mail.

Rent Space in a Shared Office

Companies like Regus offering serviced office space. Not the cheapest option, but I could use their outlets in other countries too when traveling.

Find Partners in Crime and start a Shared HQ

I could partner with other companies facing the same challenges and rent some space where we would be a shared HQ. Could be used for team events too.

None of the options are 100% what I am looking for. I don't want an office altogether, it doesn't fit into my view of remote work.

What would you do?