The transition to remote - Establish a remote infrastructure

Preparation is key. Everyone who did some major sports event (for instance a marathon) knows that. It's the same for businesses. Back when the pandemic forced us into home office due to the first lockdowns, most companies haven't been prepared. Their infrastructure has been built around an office first work model, and failed to support employees when working remote.

What makes up for a good infrastructure?

Equip your employees with hardware suitable for their job

Notebooks, webcams, micro, large monitors, standing desks and a fast internet connection will keep your employees happy and their productivity high. Also makes sure every service is available from a distant location. VPNs can help here.

Don't go cheap on this. Every euro/dollar spent on good hardware will come back twice due to better productivity.

A forum, the base of asynchronous communication

A forum or message board is the baseline of asynchronous collaboration. Ensure everyone is familiar with the usage. Train where needed. Ask some employees to act as moderators and community managers.

Bonus: Asynchronous video to add a little touch.

Video Chat — because face time is important

Although working asynchronous could be done in a written form only, It's essential to have some face time every week. Usually, we understand each other better when we know the faces, too.

Use the tools for nonwork related stuff too. Like a weekly Dungeons & Dragons session. This will further strengthen the team culture.

If it's not documented, it will be forgotten

Get a solid wiki tool. Try some and pick the one your team likes the most. Then establish a habit of documenting everything. Yes, everything. We don't see each other daily to remind us of a task or how to execute a process.

Write everything down. Like your business depends on it. (Hint: it does).

Good infrastructure is what sets your business apart. It will smoothen your transition from an office first to a remote first company.

Better be prepared, right?