What I did to feel more engaged in online meetings after 18 months of remote work

Last year, when the first lockdowns hit, I was forced into remote work. All meetings went online. I've had online meetings before, but was not prepared for so many Zoom Calls, Google Meets and Discord sessions. Sitting in front of my notebook, barely hearing anyone. Not being heard, either. Video quality like a Netflix Stream on a 56k modem. On a small Screen. It was bad. It was draining. I felt exhausted. Here is what I changed to feel more engaged:

Gear makes all the difference

  • Get an excellent Webcam. I bought a Logitech BRIO. Not only, was I perceived as more professional. You could get a little fancy and place some advertisement for your company behind you.
  • Buy a good Microphone. Don't be cheap here. It's worth it. I got myself a nice Shure MV7. Much better sound. For recordings too.
  • Large monitor. Like HUGE! Attending a Zoom Call with 30+ people and everyone's video stream is so small, they all look the same. Does not feel personal.
  • Finally, what really made the most difference for me was getting a standing desk. I feel way more engaged when standing in meetings. Moving a little, be active.

Never looked back

I went from “Let's meet in person” to “Can we do this online?”. I actually enjoy online meetings now. Not only that, but I even started a podcast and record a ton of videos for our clients. All because I invested into a proper setup.