Working From Home Or From An Office Is The Wrong Question — Here Is Why

While following countless discussions on LinkedIn, all too often survey's and threads are about working from home or from an office. I believe this is the wrong question.

We should discuss if an asynchronous work model is the right thing for your company. Wait, no. Screw that. We should discuss WHEN it's the right thing. Because the market will force you into it, sooner or later.

Why The Place Of Work Is Irrelevant

One argument I often hear when discussing an asynchronous work model is the lack of social interaction. I think it's still the wrong question. Asynchronous is not about eradicating human interaction. It's about giving everyone freedom. Freedom to choose. To choose to work from wherever you want. Could be an office, could be your living room or even a beach. Working asynchronous creates this kind of freedom. For everyone.

I Don't Like To Work From Home Either

I work from home most of my times now. We are still in the middle of a pandemic. I stay at home as often as possible. Still, I don't really like working from home. I miss my office (or maybe the gym nearby). Ok, honestly, I don't miss the commute. It was a terrible waste of time. The point is, it's not critical anymore where I am. I am able to participate in discussions, ask questions, contribute to projects without the requirement to be at a specific place.

I always dreamed of working from a nice villa at the sea during the summer months. With an asynchronous work model, I am finally able to make it happen. My kids will love it!